Charles County Commissioner President


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller


Reuben Collins, Charles County Commissioner President


I am Reuben Collins and as President, Charles County Commissioners, I want to see further progress in Charles County. Together, we can build a stronger County and continue to unite our shared values goals.

The world has changed since my previous terms as a Charles County Commissioner. Our nation now endures daily spates of frenzied rhetoric emphasizing all that divides us, while public civility and trust in our national institutions continue to deteriorate.

But here in Charles County, Maryland, I see something else. 

  • Diversity can make us stronger.
  • Differences invite better ideas.
  • Respect for each other enables collective success.

We have common ground to move forward. Using best practices and new methods, we can make Charles County an investment in our future.

The future development of our county will require uncompromising, visionary leadership. What we do now and the decisions we make together as a community will dictate how that development will impact the quality of life our children have in the future.