One Charles County: A Prototype Community

The Vision

The future development of our county will require uncompromising, visionary leadership. What we do now and the decisions we make together as a community will dictate how that development will impact the quality of life of our children for the future.

I bring to the Board a distinctly local pedigree. I will be a Servant-Leader, attuned to the needs and concerns of the community. I understand that the county, our county requires and demands from its leadership proactive responses to future growth.

Yes, We Can

We as a community are engaged in an open debate about the direction of Charles County. Part of finding solutions entails being forward thinking and optimistic. Eisenhower was quoted as saying that “Pessimism never won any battle.” That is so true. Pessimism is the polar opposite of the Charles County spirit. We are a “can do” community unafraid to accept future challenges.

Together we faced the impact of the tornado that struck La Plata in 2002 and in the end made the township even greater. We will not unravel in the face of adversity, nor fall into the trap of allowing petty disagreement to arrest the pursuit of prosperity. We will raise the fortunes of all our citizens. Charles County is ready to shine at this important juncture. As was stated by Emerson, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

We believe that we must continue to explore more ways to increase our commercial industrial tax base. Light rail will be a major vehicle to churn economic development. Future development in Waldorf will be tailored within clearly defined Transit Oriented Development (TOD) locations consistent with the proposed light rail alignment and the Waldorf Urban Redevelopment Corridor (WURC).

The Environment

We are not immune to the impact that development has on the environment. We share and understand the importance of the Mattawomen Creek to our region. We are of the opinion that concerns for a healthy environment and growth are not mutually exclusive. Intelligent growth policy using recent advances in technology that mitigate negative impacts to our environment is possible. We also believe that future decisions by the Board of Commissioners that impact individual property rights should be based on the needs of our citizens— not the ideological beliefs of our elected officials.

A Prototype Community

We also have the foresight to understand that by continuing the fiscal responsibility of our predecessor Commissioner Boards and by finding alternative sources of revenue rather than raising our citizens' individual tax burden, the County will have the capacity to increase county services for our continuously growing local economy and develop a comprehensive housing program to make the cost of housing affordable to our first-time home buyers, lower to middle income workers, and seniors. The goal, my friends, is to continue to distinguish our county as a leader in this region; the result is the creation of a prototype community. I will work as hard as possible to live up to the expectations you have entrusted to me and my future colleagues. We must never forget, ladies and gentlemen, that we are One Charles County.

One Voice

As a community, we must commit ourselves to creating one voice that recognizes the importance that a cohesive economic development policy will have on Charles County’s future. I love Charles County and I am proud to represent you. We are at a critical crossroad. What's at stake is a fight for the heart of our community.

Our future is bright and we will move light years ahead of our neighbors by working together. Whether you are liberal, conservative or moderate. Black, White, Latino, Native American or Asian, anti-growth or pro-growth, let us engage in an honest, respectful debate about the County’s future. We will always have differences. We are not monolithic. There will always be tensions that exist between various factions of any community. We are human.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that “healthy” debate about the direction of the County will only make us a better community. Opposition is good when it is honest and constructive. Where we differ, let us remember that our divisions should not dissolve into personal negative attacks. We are ONE Charles County. We should respect each other. We should embrace this county’s diversity as a positive force. We should be open to different viewpoints whether you have lived in the county for decades or as little as one year. One thing that is clear is that we are stronger when we act as one and for the good of Charles County. WE ARE ONE CHARLES COUNTY.