Investment in Our Future

My goal as the next Commissioner President is to jumpstart our local economy. It will require forward thinking that will set a new paradigm on how the county manages its budget. That will be done by making a massive $200 million commitment to public infrastructure projects that will get our County out of the annual “crapshoot” approach to projecting funding for our county workforce that includes public school, public safety, and County Government employees.

Economic Growth

A massive public works investment will also make it possible to directly address the county’s homelessness and affordable housing issue. It will provide additional resources to expand youth services within the county. Throughout history, our nation has seen its most significant periods of economic growth in the aftermath of major public work projects.

The early 19th Century Economy was ignited by the construction of the Erie Canal, which connected the Midwest farm belt to the port of New York and the eastern seaboard. The late 19th Century saw the railroad expansion, which connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and an entire continent in between. The Interstate Highway System under the leadership of Dwight Eisenhower connected an entire continent and led to the nation’s love affair with the automobile. A commitment to moving forward on badly needed infrastructure projects in Charles County will provide the impetus for future economic growth and expansion of our local economy.

Those projects include full investment in the Waldorf Urban Redevelopment Corridor, improved ingress and egress within the Waldorf Town Center, Maryland Airport, Indian Head Redevelopment, Renewable Energy Project expansion, and Countywide Internet access.

This $200 million Investment in our future will provide opportunities for increased revenue that can be committed to reliable resources to pay for the salaries of our public employees.

A New Way of Thinking

With a population of more than 150,000 people, we are no longer a tiny community. We are, of course, small in comparison to jurisdictions such as Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties where populations exceed 1-million people. Our continued growth and its management nonetheless require a new way of thinking.

We must approach future planning for Waldorf as a middle-sized, unincorporated urban center that lacks an actual governing body speaking directly to the interest of its residents.

Transportation, overcrowded public schools, the devaluation of residential property and increased crime are at the top of concerns raised by Charles County residents. An investment in our future through our proposed infrastructure plan will set the foundation necessary to address these major concerns.