Youth/Young Adult Policy

"Summer employment programs have become critical pipelines to engage the nation's youths and put them on a path for career longevity or further education."

This statement is from a recent Washington Post article on the District of Columbia's nearly 45-year old summer youth employment program. This article also referenced a study by Columbia University, which noted that "individuals with limited employment experience in their youth earn low wages in adulthood. Summer Youth Employment Programs help to connect the gap.

I am proposing to reinstate the Summer Youth Employment Program/Partnership with the private sector. The current Board of Commissioners voted to cut funding for the County’s highly successful Summer Youth Employment Program, which I established in 2012.

The program assisted nearly 200 young people between the ages of 16-23 to find employment. Many of the young people who were hired under the program were offered long-term employment as a result.

My goal is to reinstate the County’s commitment to summer youth employment and expand the scope of the program through additional funding.

  • Consolidate overall youth-oriented policy
  • Encourage partnerships with local law enforcement to invest in youth centers in Waldorf, Bryans Road/Indian Head, and La Plata
  • Encourage policy initiatives that make housing more affordable for young adults